About Us


"We just want to help people and not starve while doing it."
This sums up what Armstrong Technologies is all about. We don't want to just sell you new equipment, upgrade you to premium, or talk you into more than you need. We would rather reuse your older equipment if it can still do the job. However, when you do need something new, we will be there to advise and assist you in getting it.

"Identify the problem, it's half the solution!"
You may have heard it before, but we live by it. Accurately identifying the problem from YOUR point of view is even more important. We want you to agree the problem is solved, not just charge you for 'The Solution' we provided.

"A little history"
It turns out that Armstrong Technologies is a one man operation. My name is Monte Armstrong and I recently discovered that I enjoy helping people overcome their computer related challenges. I earned an Associates degree in computer networking and a second Associates degree in computer programming while attending SWOCC from 2011 to 2015. I also participated in a variety of work study programs that gave me hands on experience. After graduating, I worked for a national corporation that sells computers and provides tech support. While working there, I learned that there are many tech challenged people who need a different kind of help that isn't being provided by anyone in the local area. I have also seen many business owners who could benefit from specific technologies that are not being offered anywhere. Now it is my personal mission to provide that information to those who seek it, and my knowledge to those who need it.


Questions or Comments?

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Information Sharing Policy

Public business information is the only information ever displayed anywhere. All personal information is kept private and used strictly for record keeping. It will never be sold, shared, traded, given, extorted, defaced, altered, used, manipulated, or any other improper business practice that could be, would be, has been, or will be thought of.

This applies to:

  • Billing information
  • Electronic Data ( documents, pictures, movies, passwords, etc )
  • Paper Data ( statements, pictures, letters )
  • Verbal Statements ( things I hear )
  • Visual Input ( things I see )
  • Or any other kind of data ( other things )


  • Anything that endangers the safety of any Human or harmless beast
  • Anything involving desecration or destruction of Private or Public Property