Meet the Man Behind Armstrong Technologies:

A Little History


Hey there, I'm Monte Armstrong - the brains and brawn behind Armstrong Technologies. After earning my Associates degrees in both computer networking and programming at SWOCC from 2011 to 2015, I started working at a major national retailer with a tech support arm, where I realized there were plenty of tech-challenged individuals in need of a different type of assistance. I had stumbled upon my true calling of helping folks conquer their computer woes.

With a newfound sense of purpose, I made it my personal mission to provide the info they were lacking and my know-how to those in need. And it was only the beginning.

Now, I've shifted my services and cater to small owner-operated businesses and their web presence.

Armstrong Technologies officially launched in December of 2015 and has since flourished. I've gone from surviving to thriving, and it all began at the Hall Building in April of 2016. Starting on the 2nd floor, I expanded three times in as many years and ended up on the 5th floor with a killer southern view.

Alas, in June of 2022, I outgrew my old digs and made a move to a larger location at 3219 Broadway in North Bend. I now have a ground floor entrance and even secured some parking spots from my friendly neighbors at Area Glass & Mirror.

Fast forward a year and I've made another move, settling in at 860 Florida. It's a quiet street with easy parking, and dare I say, less space to hoard unnecessary junk!

I'm thrilled to grow alongside my clients and can't wait to see where this tech journey takes me. Thanks for being a part of it all!

Information Sharing Policy

Any personal information is kept private and used strictly for record keeping. It will never be sold, shared, traded, given, extorted, defaced, altered, used, manipulated, or any other improper business practice that could be, would be, has been, or will be thought of.

This applies to:

  • Billing information

  • Electronic Data ( documents, pictures, movies, passwords, etc )

  • Paper Data ( statements, pictures, letters )

  • Verbal Statements ( things I hear )

  • Visual Input ( things I see )

  • Or any other kind of data ( other things )


  • Anything that endangers the safety of any Human or harmless beast

  • Anything involving desecration or destruction of Private or Public Property

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