TechStrong Tune-up

Cost: $100 Clean Temporary Files Uninstall Unneccesary Programs Malware Scan Adware Scan Bundleware Scan Configure Start-up Behaviour Repair Registry Configure Windows Settings Includes 1 Year Premium Malwarebytes What is a TechStrong™ Tune-up? It’s a comprehensive service that starts with a free hardware scan and performance assessment. No one wants to […]

What is Web Presence?

Web Presence refers to a business’s foot print in the web. This includes a web page but is so much more than that. Good web presence will include a web page, Facebook page, business listing sites, review sites, consistent activity, and more. The process takes time and is an ongoing strategy […]

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop screens have become quite affordable and range from 55 to 95 dollars on the average. Plus a little shipping depending on how quickly you want it. As you can see from my video, it doesn’t take too much time or effort. Here is the video I made while replacing […]

Do You Have A Disaster Plan?

In today’s day and age we accumulate a few more pictures than we used to. By a few more I am referring to thousands. Thousands of pictures that we probably would be sad to see disappear. Not to mention documents, movies, and of course music. Some people take it for […]

Windows 10. Should I upgrade?

There is a huge push from Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 10 and I keep hearing people ask if they should do it. Well, the answer is simple. Maybe. There are a few things to consider before making that choice. By looking at each facet of this gem called Windows […]

5 Things You Should Know When Buying a New Computer

Today’s technology has been advancing and changing so quickly that the average person is often left behind. It now feels like buying a new computer is harder than buying a new car. We are overwhelmed with details like storage capacity, gigabytes of memory, and processor speed. What brand should you […]

Computer scams claim more victims!

Computer scammers are becoming very pro-active and aggressive. They can call you or open a chat window on your computer. They can tell you that they are from Microsoft. They get your phone numbers from social sites and companies that sell lists of contacts. Sometimes a legitimate website, such as […]