TechStrong Tune-up

Cost: $100 Clean Temporary Files Uninstall Unneccesary Programs Malware Scan Adware Scan Bundleware Scan Configure Start-up Behaviour Repair Registry Configure Windows Settings Includes 1 Year Premium Malwarebytes What is a TechStrong™ Tune-up? It’s a comprehensive service that starts with a free hardware scan and performance assessment. No one wants to […]

Open Source Technologies Provide Options

Open source technologies can provide many cost effective and customizable options. While no single solution will work for every situation, open source projects typically have a variety of configurations, settings, and plug-ins to tailor them to your needs. Another distinct advantage open source provides is free licensing to use the software. An enterprise grade […]

What is Web Presence?

Web Presence refers to a business’s foot print in the web. This includes a web page but is so much more than that. Good web presence will include a web page, Facebook page, business listing sites, review sites, consistent activity, and more. The process takes time and is an ongoing strategy […]

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop screens have become quite affordable and range from 55 to 95 dollars on the average. Plus a little shipping depending on how quickly you want it. As you can see from my video, it doesn’t take too much time or effort. Here is the video I made while replacing […]

Your Problems Become Our Problems

“We are the TechStrong. We will add your computer and technological problems to our own. Your computers will adapt to service you. Resistance is futile.” When we take on a project, we make it our own. Seeing it from your perspective helps us solve it to your satisfaction. Not only does this make […]

PC and Laptop Tune-ups

Tune-up is a generalized term that is associated with making the computer work better. However, how much is included in a tune-up? For many, this might involve cleaning temporary files and cookies, defragmenting the hard drive, and maybe running a malware scan of some kind. Others might buy a tune-up program […]