Computer Repair

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Find out your options before committing to anything.

Windows and Linux Support
There are many versions of Windows and some people like one over another. Linux is another alternative that provides dozens of versions, some of which are fully customizable.
Virus and Malware Solutions
Let's take a look at your entire situation, find out what your options are, and determine what each outcome will provide. Then you can decide what method works best for you.
Repair and Recover
If there are parts available, then we can fix it. If your data is lost, there are methods to try and find it. We will gladly investigate your symptoms and identify your problems.
Revive and Restore
Sometimes a computer just needs a tune up and other times it is best to fully restore it to the factory settings. How do you know exactly what you need and why? Give us a call and set up your free consultation today.
Reuse and Recycle
We properly recycle computer components if they can't be reused. Accepting donations of anything and will even trade towards services if the old computer has value.
Routers, Wi-Fi, Printers, and More
You name it, we love it. Every problem is completely unique because each situation is a different playing field. Customizing a solution is like tailoring an outfit and we want it to fit well.

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Provide the right amount of information and knowledge.
We want to put you in control of your computer and it's capabilities.

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