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Technology has advanced to the point where we are now a throw away society. More often we find it easier or cheaper to just get rid of the old and buy something new. That leaves a lot of electronics going to waste. Some still end up in land fills even though there are recycling programs available. So the next best thing is to bring the old electronics to established recycling centers where they can be processed properly. However, this has a couple of drawbacks. First of all, only big corporate companies actually benefit from this. Secondly, computers are being scrapped when they still have life left in them.
Our solution is to deal with the recycling here locally. First by reusing equipment that others have given up on. Then by salvaging parts to use as replacements for local people. We also like to repurpose older computers and use them to do things such as video camera monitoring and running small local websites. As a last resort, we dismantle the item into it's core components and recycle them appropriately.



Recycling is Cool




Keeping business local is important to any community. Now you can keep your recycling local too.

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