The Dirty Little Secret About Slow Computers That Big Box Stores Don’t Want You To Know.

Computer Slow? Don’t Waste Money Throwing It Away.

A lot of people think that computers just slow down over time and then simply have to be replaced.. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s why I say that…

People frequently believe this because:

  • Big box stores tell us it’s just as expensive to repair a computer as it is to replace it.

I used to think the same thing. Here’s why:

  • While I was working at one of those national box stores, they trained me to try and sell new computers instead of repairing them.

Then something happened that totally changed my perspective:

  • One day I helped someone fix their computer instead of selling them a new one and I was told by my manager to ‘never do that again’. You see, it turns out that those big box stores actually sell those ‘broken’ computers to places that refurbish the computers and then resell them.

Now I realize that people can save money by refurbishing a good computer instead of just buying a brand new computer.

This means:

  • That you can use your computer for more than just a year or two before having to replace it.

Now, just imagine, what if you could keep using your Windows 10 PC and avoid Windows 11 for another 4 years?

If your serious about using your PC for as long as possible, without buying a new one and switching to Windows 11, then I invite you to take a look at my Just-Do-It-Yourself PC Tuneup at


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