What is Web Presence?

Web Presence refers to a business’s foot print in the web. This includes a web page but is so much more than that. Good web presence will include a web page, Facebook page, business listing sites, review sites, consistent activity, and more. The process takes time and is an ongoing strategy rather than a goal to accomplish. The strategy plans we offer are custom designed to fit your niche, desires, and budget.

What is different about what we do compared to other SEO companies?

First, we meet with you face to face. By listening to your requests and analyzing your resources, we can create a strategy you will want to use. Instead of offering specific plans you have to adhere to, we will custom make a plan that you approve of first. Also, we work on a month to month basis, no contract necessary.

Second, we do not use redundant information across all your listings. Each piece of your presence is unique with fresh content and links to relevant content. Only your address and contact information are consistently the same.

Third, we use yet another layer of inter-connectivity to add more relevant links that promote local searches. I developed this technique after studying how Google and other search engines rate their searches.

Sound interesting? Want more information and no obligation? Contact me for a free consultation. We can discuss your needs and resources, then you can decide what works best for you.

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