How John Lennon Helps Us All With Our PC Maintenance

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

– John Lennon

This quote was was actually first used in 1957 in an issue of Reader’s Digest by a man named Allen Saunders..


John Lennon:

  • Made the saying famous
  • because
  • he was a Musical artist that influenced millions
  • AND
  • He reached many who would not have seen that Reader’s Digest

Now, because of Lennon’s artistic talent, we can take action and actually plan ahead for life to happen,

instead of just letting life happen.

Listen, If you’re

  • tired of waiting for the little spinning circling thing
  • or frustrated by your PC constantly misbehaving
  • maybe you’re just worried that it might leave you stranded completely

Then let’s PLAN To Tune Up our PCs so that they won’t ruin our big plans


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