4 Key Mistakes Every Frustrated PC User Wants To Avoid

If you’re a frustrated computer user who wants to make your computer fast as new again, then here is a list of mistakes you will want to avoid.

Avoiding these mistakes will keep your PC running at top speed so you can stop wasting your time. That means using your PC without waiting around for the spinning circle thing all the time.

It’s inevitable that your computer will slow down over time, but you can do something about it.

Start by avoiding these common mistakes:

Mistake # 1 – Trying To Speed Up Your PC When The Hard Drive Is Failing

  • Face it, when your hard drive has physical problems, no amount of tune up will help
  • Plus, if your hard drive fails, you can lose valuable information

Mistake # 2 – Downloading An App To Speed Up Your PC

  • Driver updater apps use resources and actually slow computers down
  • Optimizer and tune up apps also run in the background and steal resources
  • Your PC needs your help, not another program to run

Mistake # 3 – Failing To Check For Vital Updates

  • People assume their computers do all necessary updates automatically
  • The truth is that there are some updates that need human intervention
  • Until these vital updates are performed, your PC can ‘misbehave’ in many ways

Mistake # 4 – Using A Free Anti-virus

  • Free anti-virus programs don’t protect nearly as well as premium ones
  • That’s because they don’t have the research and development that a paid premium service has
  • Or they just want you to upgrade to their premium service

No computer is frustration free. But avoiding these mistakes is a sure fire way to keep your PC frustrations at a minimum.

Hey, by the way, I’m creating instructional courses that can show anyone how to avoid these mistakes and more, without learning a bunch of techno-babble.

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