How to Whitelist an Email

First of all, what is whitelisting an email anyway?

When you blacklist an email you are blocking that email from making to your inbox. So a whitelist is just the opposite and you are giving explicit approval to an email to make it into your inbox instead of going to a spam or junk folder.

Why would I want to whitelist an email address?

When you want to ensure that a particular email makes it into your inbox and not into your spam or junk folder, then you want to whitelist that email. That way you don’t have to fumble around looking to see if an email got sent to a spam folder or sit around wondering if it got blocked before it even made it to your email. Also, you won’t need to contact the sender and ask them to send it again.

Some examples of when you might want to whitelist an email would be when:

  • you want to reset a password
  • you are expecting an important email
  • you don’t want to miss important announcements from a free give-a-way

So how do I do this whitelisting thing?

Every email provider is a little different and may even call it something else. Whitelist, Approved Sender, and Filtering are all ways of saying the same thing. Here is a little video demonstrating how to whitelist using Gmail.

What if I’m not using Gmail?

There are a multitude of email providers and services that a person may be using but the concept is going to be similar on all of them. There will be some filtering ability to block and approve specific senders. Here is a website that has some instructions on how to whitelist in many of the common email providers.

Please note that I am not an affiliate or reseller of the above website. I merely found the blog article that describes how to whitelist using several different email providers and now I’m sharing it with you here.


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